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The Golden Tankers

Money, in its many forms, plays an important role in every organized society throughout the world. It has been a key tool for the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq to acquire, maintain and, strive to hold on to power. He used remarkable strategies to obtain, transport and store his riches, in many of its forms. One of the keys to his strategy was the accumulation of gold bars, a primary form of international trade as long as civilized man has trod the earth.

Here is a brief pictorial story of Saddam and his henchmen's efforts to move gold treasure under the cover of his very active oil and gasoline tanker fleet

US military personnel search and find an oil tanker, converted to transport gold bars.
No oil or gasoline found here; but there is a heavy load of gold bars concealed inside the tank.
A closeup of some of the gold bars found in this one shipment.

No doubt there are more to be found, another day.

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