The story of
The Impact of U.S. Aerial
during the Early Cold War
Service & Sacrifice of the
Cold Warriors

Table of Contents

Cover Page

Editor’s Introduction



Table of Contents


1. The Birth of the Cold War

The New Threat in a Postwar World
The Great Unknowns: Piercing the Iron Curtain
The Communist Threat Becomes Nuclear
Korea, Asia and soviet Satellites

2. The Need to Know
Cold War Aerial Reconnaissance Begins

Planners and Controllers
Early War Plans and Programs
The Men and Machines of the Early Missions

3 Answering the Call

Cold War turns Hot: Far East and Global Reconnaissance
Worldwide Efforts, Overflights, and Allied Support
Playing with Fire: Soviet/Communist Reactions

4. Seeking Answers: Alone, Unarmed and Unafraid?

Aerial Reconnaissance Developments Leading to the U-2
Development of Project AQUATONE:
Defusing the Bomber/Missile Gaps
Project OVERFLIGHT and the U-2 Shootdown

5. Beyond the U-2, Sacrifice and a Final Evaluation

Space Reconnaissance,
The Cuban Missile Crisis and Beyond
The Silent Warriors’ Service, Sacrifice and Mysteries
Value to National Leaders, Intelligence
Community and Military


A. Cold War Political/Military Timeline

B. Aerial Reconnaissance Aircraft Capabilities

C. Cold War Aerial Reconnaissance Losses

D. U.S. Cold War Overflights


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